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Blog Posts You Can Write Today

By TaskFinda

1. Tutorials and How-to Guides

Tutorials and How-to guides are probably the simplest type of blog post you can work on. They are easy because they involve you talking about things you are already familiar with such as your product or service.

The most important thing when it comes to how-to guides is to break down your tutorial into the smallest steps and into the simplest terms. Don’t assume your readers know what they’re doing — this is a tutorial, remember?

Think about your recent work, and you can probably find some great ideas for you to write a tutorial on. Our co-founder built the largest WordPress resource, WPBeginner, by following this exact same principle.

2. Latest Industry News

You have your morning routine, just like I do. You skim the online news and find the latest trends in your industry. Why not make your morning routine into a blog post?


Find a few of the most recent events in your industry and blog about them. You can even link to news articles if you feel it is appropriate.

The important thing is that you add your “flavor” to it (thoughts, criticism, etc). You will have a new blog post in minutes! (Here’s a good example).

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3. Current Events

Similar to the point above, this one is even more generic. What do you enjoy reading? What catches your eye? What will you talk to your friends about? Write about THAT!

News is always happening, from the latest Marvel movie to Russia’s latest antics. The brilliance of writing a post on current events is that people are already looking for more information and thoughts about these subjects. Your opinion post on current events could become the next viral sensation!

It’s even better if you can tie the current events with your product or service.

4. Controversial Subjects

This type of blog post can be really fun to write, but remember to be wise. Controversy is always newsworthy — just look at the local news, they’re always reporting on different controversies!

You just need to figure out which controversy interests you, and how you can add to the conversation. Be sure to use the keywords around the controversy too. Mac vs. PC, MailChimp vs AWeber, Gun Control, etc. are just some basic ideas.

Since controversies are highly emotional, you want to be careful and choose your words wisely.

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